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How to Install an Aluminum Fence

If you are looking for a fence that is both lightweight and sturdy, consider an aluminum fence. Made of the element aluminum, this type of fence is durable, and lightweight, yet still strong enough to prevent trespassing. Aside from its lightweight construction, it also has the advantage of being corrosion-resistant. To learn more about the benefits of aluminum fencing, read the following article. This will give you some tips on how to install an aluminum fence.

You need to determine the exact dimensions of your aluminum fence, then buy the materials necessary for building it. Then, create an outline of your fence by putting stakes at each corner and tying them with a strong string. Each stake represents a line post and should be spaced according to the width of the panels, for instance, six stakes every six feet. After determining the exact dimensions of the fence, it’s time to measure and mark the location of the gate and fence.

Compared to other types of fencing materials, aluminum is the most versatile and affordable option. It offers many benefits, including lower costs, but it’s not as strong or secure as steel. Like all materials, aluminum fences are not without their advantages and disadvantages. In addition to its relatively short lifespan, aluminum fencing can develop a beautiful patina over time. You may want to take a look at the benefits of an aluminum fence before making your decision.

Although aluminum fences do not come with ornamentation like wrought iron, you can still find a variety of styles to match your home’s style. Two basic styles are spear tops and flat tops. The spear tops feature pointed finials, while flat tops are flat and cap the top of double rail fencing. The latter style is generally more expensive but still looks attractive. These fences can be decorated with decorative posts and arched gates.

Besides serving aesthetic and practical purposes, an aluminum fence is also good for the environment. Its lightweight, flexible nature makes it easy to work with and adjust to any height. If you’re confident, you can install an aluminum fence yourself over a weekend. However, if you’d rather hire a professional, you can do it in less than one day. The installation process for aluminum fences is quick and easy. If you don’t want to deal with the hassles of installation, you can even consider purchasing an aluminum fence kit and installing it yourself.

Most aluminum fences have rackable panels for easy adjustment. They can rack anywhere from four to twenty-four inches over six feet. The size of the holes in the horizontal rails determine their rackability. This allows the panels to adjust to the slope of the land, so they won’t have gaps if the ground is uneven. And the fence will accommodate all but the steepest slopes. It’s a great option for any residential property.