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Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Seniors

Getting your shower tile right is a critical part of great bathroom shower remodel plans. The shower and tub are two important (and separate) fixtures in the bathroom. For example, your shower tile surrounding may clash with your bath tub s smooth new acrylic shower surround. When it comes to shower and tub surrounds, these two critical bathroom fixtures should never be treated as separate from one another.

Showers are now available with many different shapes and sizes for senior-friendly bathrooms. There are plenty of budget-friendly options for even the most frugal home improvement enthusiast. Shower seats and tub surround come in a wide variety of colors, materials and styles. Plus, the wide range of color choices for shower panels ensures that you can match your decor in any bathroom. White is still the most popular color choice for bathroom showers, but there’s nothing wrong with going with a more senior-friendly bathroom tile like pebble white, gold, beige or brown.

Another element of bathroom shower remodel plans involves selecting the best shower head. Today’s modern showers have many customizable settings to change with the user’s discretion. There’s no longer a need to purchase an expensive, oversized showering head to accommodate a larger or elderly loved one or spouse. Many shower heads can be installed on the wall, and the water may be sent directly to a special mixer that mimics the look of a regular shower. For those who don’t want to waste money on a new shower head, there are options for rental that require only a short time out of the day for use. In addition to shower chairs and tubs, there are shower screen enclosures in many different sizes.

Bathroom showers for seniors may include the popular folding shower seat, which is becoming more popular for homeowners who want a less expensive, senior-friendly bathroom remodel. These seats fold up to be placed in a corner of the room and are great for use by the elderly. However, there are also many folding shower seats that are simply meant to sit on the floor. These are not only cheaper, but seniors may also appreciate the added level of comfort provided by these types of showers. As long as the seat does not recline too far, seniors will be happy with this convenient addition to their home.

A popular senior-friendly remodel option for those who are disabled is to upgrade to a walk-in shower. Many handicap showers already have a walk-in tub or shower head installed, but it’s nice to have the option of being able to take a shower in a wheelchair. An upholstered, shower seat that offers a hand held grip is perfect for those who need to take showers in wheelchairs. These seats may be purchased as a sofa chair, or a bench that can be pushed into a regular chair position. Many of these are simple enough to install that homeowners can do the job themselves, saving them the expense of having to hire a skilled contractor.

For those interested in finding bathroom remodel ideas, perhaps looking into a frameless shower stall is a good idea. These stalls open up the area of the bathroom, giving more room for a person to move around while taking a bath. Even without a seat, these are a wonderful space saver for small bathrooms where more space may be needed. There are even some frameless shower stalls that feature hand held shower heads to eliminate the need for the user to stand up and use the shower. With so many bathroom shower stalls available, there are plenty of choices available for those looking for affordable, high-end solutions for any bathroom design.